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Diz à mãe para migar as sopas ...

Diz à mãe para migar as sopas ...

Uma fotografia, uma música ... parte X - Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful

24.07.18 | Paulo Brites



It takes a crane to build a crane

It takes two floors to make a story

It takes an egg to make a hen

It takes a hen to make an egg

There is no end to what I'm saying


It takes a thought to make a word

And it takes some words to make an action

It takes some work to make it work

It takes some good to make it hurt

It takes some bad for satisfaction


It takes a night to make it dawn

And it takes a day to make you yawn brother

It takes some old to make you young

It takes some cold to know the sun

It takes the one to have the other


And it takes no time to fall in love

But it takes you years to know what the love is

And it takes some fears before I trust

And it takes those tears to make it rust

And it takes the rust to have it polished


It takes some silence to make sound

And it takes a loss before you found it

And it takes a road to go nowhere

It takes a toll to make you care

It takes a hole to make a mountain


Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful